The final round table showed good practices in single parent assistance

Satwat Rehman, Stuart Duffin and Eva Litavská
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The final round table took place on 20 October 2014 in the European house in Prague. Its main goal was to expose and contradict a large number of common presumptions and myths about single parenting. Each section started with a short film, followed by contributions from international speakers. The whole conference was hosted by Marcela Augustová.

The press release can be found here.

The first section of the conference tackled the general issues of single parenting in the Czech Republic. Dr. Věra Kuchařová (Research Institute for Labour and Social Affairs) together with Dr. Anna Šťastná prepared a presentation ‘Single Parent Figures’which showed the trends in the number of single parents, their socio-demographic characteristics and economic activity, as well as the predictions related to the future development in the CR.

In her contribution ‘Supporting a Family as a Single Parent - Money, Work and Social System in the Czech Republic’, Dr. Radka Dudová (Institute of Sociology, Czech Academy of Sciences) examined the financial conditions of one-parent families, with special emphasis on precarious employment. She also included an economic comparison of single-parent families and single-income couples. Among other things, she pointed out that the Czech tax system allows a higher tax bonus for a dependent spouse than for dependent children.

Would you like to see the conference brochure? You can download the English version here - you will find annotations of all contributions, interviews with our international partners and other useful information!

The next section focused on the ways to alleviate the social handicap faced by single parents. PhDr. Eva Litavská (Miesto pod slnkom, Slovakia) presented a contribution called ‘Activation of Human Resources on the Way from Poverty - Example of Good Practice with People at Risk of Social Exclusion’. She introduced their successful programme ‘Getting ahead - Bridges from Poverty’. The manual of the programme is also available in Czech.

In her contribution ‘Ways to help pregnant women and mothers’, Mgr. Jitka Mozorová from the South-Moravian organisation Na Počátku described the work of the consultancy centre, shelter house and halfway house they are running.

The organisation WOMEN FOR WOMEN offers similar services as Na Počátku - only for a different type of clients and in a different region. Their activities were described by Mgr. Kamila Tittelbachová in her presentation called ‘Working with Single Mothers in Prague’.

Satwat Rehman (One Parent Families, Scotland) opened the section dedicated to the support of one-parent families with her contribution ‘Teenage Parent Services and Peer Mentoring’. She presented a unique and acknowledged programme of assistance to underage single mothers. The programme provides support in three stages - it helps the clients take effective care of their children and at the same time plan their career.

Child psychologist Mgr. Ivana Janišová from the Cestou Necestou centre for children in need delivered a speech called ‘Family Restoration and Assisted Contact’, describing the ways in which the centre helps families and children threatened by interpersonal conflicts.

The only speaker in the section dedicated to the return of single parents to the labour market was Dr. Stuart Duffin (One Family, Dublin) who introduced the programme ‘New Futures’ and described the way in which the programme was created. Unfortunately, Ms. Tove Samzelius (SPAN, UK) was unable to attend the conference. Her presentation and case studies can be found here and here.

In her presentation ‘International Legislation - Inspiration for the Czech Republic’, JUDr. Jana Seemanová (APERIO - Healthy Parenting Association) showed case studies of several one-parent families to demonstrate the need for legal measures supporting single parents. Mgr. Michaela Franzová (Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs) described the current draft of the act on substitute alimony in her presentation named ‘Changes Prepared by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs for Single Parent Families’.


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