Society, Jobs and Families in Transition: 15 June 2016, Prague

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Our world is changing. Within a few years, the introduction of new technologies may affect not only labour market, but personal relationships as well. Climate and political changes drive tens of thousands of people out of their homes into the more stable democracies of the Western world. Are these phenomena related to single parenting? How can disadvantaged families survive these changes? And finally, what measures and tools may support these families?

Closing the international Erasmus+ project "Stronger Parents, Stronger Families", the round table presents L&D programmes for parents and professionals produced within the project.


15 June 2016, 10:00 - 15:00


European House, Jungmannova 24, Praha 1, Czech Republic (map)


9:30 Registration and refreshments

Introduction - chaired by Eliška Kodyšová, APERIO/CZ

10:00 Eliška Kodyšová (APERIO): Stronger Parents, Stronger Families

10:10 Michal Broža (UN Information Centre Prague): Global changes and UN goals

10:20 Lucie Ryntová (APERIO): Comparison of single parents’ situation in the four countries

Delivering online learning to single parents – chaired by Valerie Maher, One Family/IE

10:35 Neda Suhail, Valerie Maher (One Family): Presentation of New Horizons and summary of piloting outcomes of the parenting programme

10:50 Reynaldo Rivera (InterMedia Consulting): Adaptive parenting: Positive practices in a changing society

11:05 discussion and questions

11:15 tea/coffee break

Helping professionals grow - chaired by Satwat Rehman, One Parent Families Scotland/UK

11:25 Eliska Kodyšová (APERIO): Learning needs of practitioners working with single parents

11:40 Satwat Rehman (One Parent Families Scotland), Eliška Kodyšová (APERIO): Presentation of the New Horizons programme for professionals

11:55 Satwat Rehman (One Parent Families Scotland): Turning disadvantage to opportunity - lone parent champions

12:10 discussion and questions

12:20 lunch

Let's play!

13:00 Take your tablets or laptops out and check out one of our programmes!

  1. Try out the parents programme! Introducing New Horizons interactive classroom activities (One Family)
  2. Try out the professional programme! Discussion on delivering programmes to parents (One Parent Families Scotland, APERIO)

Looking to the future of Stronger Parents: chaired by Reynaldo Rivera, InterMedia/IT

14:15 Discussion of interactive activity

14:30 Stuart Duffin: Family Futurology- trends, concerns and policy impacts

14:45 Eliska Kodyšová (APERIO): Looking ahead: Beyond New Horizons

15:00 end


  • representatives of stakeholders in adult learning and social inclusion (government offices and organizations, research institutions etc.)
  • experts and programme directors of organizations active in adult learning and social inclusion

The round table entrance is free of charge, however the admission is limited. The lectures and discussion will be held in English and will not be interpreted.

For preliminary registration, go here.


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