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The website saminadeti.cz (Raising Children Alone) is designed both for single parents, who can find support and information about various parenting issues, and experts who can use it to strengthen their professional network and find new sources of assistance for their clients.

  • Work: When you are a single parent, a secure job is a vital necessity. The job must be well-paid enough to support you and your children, but it must also leave you enough time to spend with your kids. Such jobs are not easy to get but we can offer several hints to find them.
  • Finance: Lone parents have a harder time living on their salary than couples. This section offers information about what to do and what to avoid.
  • Family: About family, child care and interpersonal relations, but also about finding the time for oneself.
  • Useful: Interesting services, support and information for single parents, offers of training for single parents, and profiles of Czech organisations supporting single parents.
  • For experts: Texts and analyses for all who work with single parents. Case studies from other European countries, reports of our conferences and other documents about single parenting.
  • Stories: No instruction or recommendation can give you as much as a true example. Real-life stories remind us that we are not the only ones - there are other people who fight the same fight. Stories with happy endings give us hope and encouragement to try new solutions, even though our life seems too hard to carry on. But even stories with open endings carry an important message - they tell us not to give up our fight. Writing down your story helps you summarise and share your experience. We protect the intimacy and authenticity of your stories and never change the content. We respect your right to express any opinion, only we would like to ask you to abstain from vulgarisms and insults.
  • Map of services for single parents: a structured database of helping organisations that we know and recommend.
  • Videos: A series of five short films about single parenting and other audiovisual documents for and about single parents.


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