About the project ‘Single Parents and the Labour Market’

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This website is administered by APERIO - Healthy Parenting Association. It was created within the international project ‘Single Parents and the Labour Market’ that ran from December 2012 to November 2014.

The goal of the project was to strengthen the position of single parents within the labour market. We focused on people and institutions who work with single parents (authorities, employers, NGOs) and those who can improve the situation of single parents in the Czech Republic through enforcement of relevant regulations (policy-makers, regional and local administration).

Together with international partners, the project explored successful strategies abroad to share and promote good practices in the CR. The project included activities designed to facilitate the transfer of the international know-how into the Czech social environment. This part of the project resulted in the initiation of several amendments to the Czech legislation and measures designed to improve the social position of single parents. The project included direct communication with single parents intended to provide information and improve their awareness of various sources of support.

Examples of project activities:

Analysis of the situation of single parents in the CR and abroad

Expert analysis of single parent data, research in the Czech and European legislation, collection of good practices in collaboration with international partners of the project, i.e. organisations from the UK and Ireland with long-term experience in the field.

Two international meetings (a round table and a conference)

In addition to international partners, the project offered participation to many actors from the Czech Republic too - mainly policy makers, experts, representatives of single parent organisations and other helping organisations, national and regional administration and authorities, employers, etc. They got acquainted with the situation and needs of single parents in the CR, and they were shown examples of effective measures implemented in the Czech Republic and abroad. The participants decided to use the new experience to create a comprehensive plan of collaboration in handling the specified problems. The final meeting produced a proposal for specific amendments to the relevant laws.

Training sessions

The project included a series of training sessions both for single parents and key actors across the Czech Republic. The aim was not only to transfer information, but mainly to promote collaboration between regional actors and receive the input needed to create proposals for specific processes and changes.

International study stays

Study stays at the international partner institutions were organised together with strategic institutions from the Czech Republic. The participants received valuable information, practical experience and priceless inspiration for the transfer and promotion of good practice in the CR.

During the whole project, we sought to raise the general awareness about the position of single parents in the labour market and the possible ways to improve the situation.

Our partners in the project

Miesto pod slnkom (Košice, Slovakia)

One Family (Dublin, Ireland)

Single Parents Action Network (Bristol, UK)

One Parent Families Scotland (Edinburgh, UK)


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